Stretch ceilings

Creative ceiling design with Incon Bau - stretch ceilings made to measure

With a stretch ceiling we will find the most individual solution for your home or office. This modern alternative of ceiling design offers you individuality and versatility. There are almost no limits to your wishes. Whether plain or fancy, with picture print or monochrome, almost anything is possible. Use the versatile and uncomplicated CE-certified stretch ceilings - consisting of TÜV-tested PVC foils - to cover old or too high ceilings, for example. They can be installed quickly and without dirt and can improve room acoustics. Indirect lighting can be created by installing lamps before installing the stretch ceilings. In addition, these ceilings are flame retardant, easy to clean and mold resistant. Thus, the pollutant-tested stretch ceilings are also ideally suited for allergy sufferers. 

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